Wynns Automatic Transmission Flush & Fill

Wynns Automatic Transmission Flush & Fill now available here at Motortech4x4
We have just purchased this Transmission flush machine.
Transmissions can be extremely expensive to repair when a fault happens
The 2 main causes of Transmission failure is overheating and dirty oil
This machine Cleans & removes sludge, contaminants & exhausted fluid from the transmission, torque converter & cooler while refilling with fresh ATF in about 10 minutes or less even on low flow vehicles.

Automatically adds the same amount of new ATF
as is removed from the vehicle, without monitoring or adjustments.

Automatic safety switch feature sends ATF through its normal loop route back to the transmission when Transverse® III tank is empty to prevent transmission damage.

Enables lowering of pan level for safer transmission filter service.

Used in conjunction with Wynn’s® Transmission Flush Kit
Transforms Dexron® III/Mercon® ATF into a highly friction modified OEM replacement fluid.
Fully synthetic formula containing Wynn’s® Shudderguard™ Automatic Transmission Treatment chemistry.
Improves low temperature performance when added to mineral oil based ATF’s.
Compatible with all ATF’s, including synthetic & semi-synthetic.
Formulated to eliminate shudder in automatic transmissions.
Helps stop fluid related shifting problems.
Compatible with all transmission materials and components.
Helps stop & prevent leaks.
Revitalises transmission seals & o-rings.
Helps extend transmission fluid & transmission life.

Book in now before its too late
Transmission Service from
Passenger Car $250 + gst
4wd $300 + gst