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What are ADAS Systems?

Advance Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are automotive electronic onboard systems design with the purpose to improve road safety in terms of crash avoidance, severity mitigation, or protection. These systems will use complex opto/electro/mechanical sensors like cameras, lidars, and radars with help of software artificial intelligence perform the most complex tasks helping drivers in lateral and longitudinal control of vehicles. More generally, some advance drivers assist systems are intended to improve safety whereas others are convenience functions. In simple language terms, ADAS systems are here to help drivers driving vehicles in a safer and more comfortable manner. Some common ADAS features include automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control.

Why ADAS recalibration is important for safe drive.

ADAS systems will use a variety of ADAS sensors commonly cameras and radars also additionally Lidars. These sensors are mounted on particular positions on car and these positions are defined in few millimeters.

Just 1 degree centreline offset left/right when projecting on 150m (typical working camera distance) becoming 2.6m offset of centerline and on typical long radar working distance of 300m same 1 degree offset becoming 5.24m.

If the sensors or cameras get disturbed the ADAS systems requires recalibration to ensure safe operation of the vehicle. Motortech 4×4 have invested heavily into the equipment and possess the necessary technical expertise, to offer ADAS calibration services.

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) calibration refers to the process of adjusting and calibrating the sensors and cameras in a vehicle’s ADAS system to ensure that it is functioning properly and accurately.

Calibration is necessary to ensure that the ADAS system is working correctly and providing accurate information to the onboard computer. This is particularly important after any work is done on the vehicle that might affect the ADAS system, such as windshield replacement, suspension repairs/replacement or bullbars fitted.

It’s important to have ADAS calibration performed by a qualified professional who is trained and equipped to perform the necessary adjustments and tests. Failure to properly calibrate the ADAS system can result in inaccurate readings and potentially dangerous driving situations.


1-All vehicles undergo a complete diagnostic scan prior to any calibrations. This scan identifies any existing or nonrelated fault codes.

2-If required, the vehicle then has a full 4-wheel alignment check. The equipment used can also identify any chassis misalignment.

3-Once satisfied the vehicle is aligned, the calibration process can be undertaken. Multiple radars, lidars and cameras may require calibration.

4-The vehicle is road tested to check for nonconformity and to ensure ADAS systems are operational.

5-Upon return from test drive the vehicle then has a final diagnostic check to ensure no fault codes have activated during road test.

6-A comprehensive report is supplied for each vehicle along with a certificate of calibration.

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