Terrain Tamer Heavy Duty Front Wheel Bearing Kit – Landcruiser

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 Terrain Tamer Heavy Duty Front Wheel Bearing Kit

Suitable for:

– Toyota Land Cruiser BJ40 BJ42 FJ40 FJ45 HJ45 HJ47, FJ55 built from 09/1975 to 11/1984 runout.

– Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 FJ62 HJ60 HJ61 built from 11/1984 to 01/1990 runout.

– Toyota Land Cruiser BJ70 BJ73 BJ74 BJ75 FJ70 FJ73 FJ75 HJ75 built from 11/1984 to 01/1990. (not bundera rear)

– Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ75 FZJ78 FZJ79 HZJ75 HZJ78 HZJ79 HDJ78 HDJ79 built from 08/1999 to 12/2006.

– Toyota Land Cruiser VDJ76 VDJ78 VDJ79 built from 01/2007 to 08/2012 (non ABS only)

– Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80 FZJ80 HZJ80 HDJ80 built from 01/1990 to 12/1997 runout.

– Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ105 HZJ105 built from 01/1998 to 2007 runout.

– Toyota Hilux solid axle (Front hub only) built from 01/1979 to 08/1997.


  • Made in Japan
  • Rockwell Hardness Rating 2.5 points higher than OE
  • Upgraded heat treatment procedure for longer service life


  • Labyrinth construction prevents oil loss
  • Rotates on internal surface, eliminating wear on components
  • Utilises 4 sealing surfaces to protect against contaminants

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 9 cm


Terrain Tamer

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