STEDI Quad PRO LED Driving Lights

$748.00 Inc Gst

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Up until this moment in time, the compact LED driving light space has been grossly neglected. The only compact offerings available seem to chronically suffer from compact performance. To add insult to injury most look like they were penned by a guy back in the 1970s who had an extensive background in drawing construction bricks. Enter our all-new QUAD PRO. You’re welcome.


Any product within the STEDI offering that wears the “PRO” nameplate represents the very best in its class – You only have to look at our iconic TYPE-X & ST3303 PRO, which are both the ultimate nod to the PRO standard. It is was the only logical choice then that our all-new QUAD PRO utilizes the legendary TYPE-X PRO DNA. Yes! The same reflector, same LED, all buttoned up into compact yet explosive performance package.


Included in the kit is a pair of STEDI blackout cover, plus orange and grey colour customization caps. The iconic STEDI Smiley covers are available to purchase separately, as are optional blue, green, red, and yellow colour caps.


Our Quads showcase a glistening 5700K colour temperature, providing the necessary luminance to cut-through any obstrusive dust and other air-born particles.


Registered Design 202013629

The compact housing design offers endless possibilities in terms of mounting locations. We think these are going to be hugely popular as roof-mounted arrays and on bull bars with minimal clearance like the AFN bars.


  • Includes our legendary Easy-Fit plug and play high beam wiring harness
  • IP68 Ingress protection means our QUADS are 100% immersible in water and dust-tight.
  • 5700K Colour temperature provides just the right amount of warmth to cut-through air-born particles.
  • Environmentally sealed Deutsch DT-2 connectors
  • RFI and EMI suppressed circuit design, means no interference with radio or communications equipment.
  • High-Pressure Die-Cast Bracket
  • Spread and Spot beam reflectors built-in.

The price quoted is for a pair & includes our legendary Plug & Play Smart Wiring harness.





LED 24 x Oslon High-Flux LED
RAW LUMENS 17,040 (Pair)
TESTED LUMENS 11,360 (Pair)
AMP DRAW 7.4A @ 13.2v (each)
POWER DRAW 97W (each)
CANDELA 693,889cd
BEAM PATTERN 4 x Spread 20 x Pencil Beam
INGRESS PROTECTION IP68 | Submersible up to 3m
WEIGHT 1.4Kg (Including cover) (each)
10 M 6,938 Lx
50 M 277 Lx
200 M 17 Lx
300 M 7.7 Lx
400 M 4 Lx
500 M 2.7 Lx
833 M 1 Lx


  • 2 x QUAD Pro LED Spot Lights
  • 2 x STENCIL Black Out Covers
  • 1 x Set Orange Colour Caps (fitted)
  • 1 x Set Grey Colour Caps
  • Easy Fit High Beam Wiring Harness
  • H4 & HB3 adapters to High Beam
  • Installation Manual
  • Stainless fitting hardware




STEDI was founded in 2013 out of the small 290m2 warehouse in Melbourne, Australia, by founders Eddie & Sandra Yilmaz. Back then, the world of the LED driving light was largely novel. The first-ever round variant of LED driving light had only just hit the market in 2013. Like us, even the manufacturers around at that time were new to LED. We’re talking about a period when LED bars could barely throw out to 50m, and the lenses were made from glass. On the one hand, it was a great time to enter the market because it wasn’t overly crowded - even the well-known brands had no LED offering. On the other hand, there was a severe lack of manufacturing and design know-how, and the subsequent product quality was way off the mark. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. LED failures, water ingress, housing turning bronze from UV – which all happened more often than it didn’t. We moved from manufacturer to manufacturer, hoping to find one that had stable quality. After wasting a lot of time and money, we assumed that all manufacturers were just as bad as the other, and the only way forward was to work closely with one to co-develop. While we were busy losing money and grappling with the quality issues, the market was getting more & more crowded by the second. We were barely making $10 on a 22” light bar. This was an interesting point in time, as we watched many competitors exit the market. The ones who stayed were looking at ways to cut corners to reduce manufacturing costs. We pivoted in the opposite direction and started looking at ways to improve quality and performance – and that’s when our story really starts.