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Firestryker Fire Suppression Stick



Firestryker is a fire suppression system with remarkable extinguishing capabilities and capacity. It is a small lightweight cylinder: the upper part is a metal tube containing the extinguishing charge. The lower part is made of plastic and serves as a support handle.

Upon ignition, the powerful extinguishing charge produces a potassium aerosol jet that lasts for approximately 100 seconds. Point the nozzle at the base of the flames to smother the fire at its core.

Firestryker is a simple and easy way to ensure that you are prepared in the event of a fire in your home, office or vehicle. Small and lightweight, Firestryker is environmentally friendly and can be safely stored for easy access in an emergency, preventing the fire from getting out of hand.


Household, Offices, Workshops, Vehicles, RV’s, Trucks, Caravans, Camping, BBQ’s, Outdoors, Motorsports, Boats

Ultra Portable & Compact

No Servicing, Refilling or Maintenance

Environmentally Friendly

Can be recycled after use

International Patents

Practical & Easy to Use

3 Year Warranty


Negligible Toxicity

Leaves No Residues

Tested for use on:

Firestryker - Fire Class ACLASS A FIRES
Solid combustible materials
Firestryker - Fire Class BCLASS B FIRES
Liquid combustible materials

Firestryker - Fire Class CCLASS C FIRES
Gaseous combustible materials
Firestryker - Fire Class FCLASS F & K FIRES
Cooking & oil fats

Subject to voltages up to 100.000V

About Firestryker’s Development

Firestyker, is an unparalleled mobile fire suppression system that has been painstakingly developed by Fire Suppression Systems (FSS) in Italy.

The system has been invented by revolutionising the way that the suppressor generates the emitted aerosol.  Generated by the breakdown of the extinguishing charge containing Potassium Nitrate, the emissions reacts with the fire and the flames, with the Potassium radicals K+ capturing the oxygen of the surrounding air which deprives fire of Oxygen and extinguishes it.

Since inventing and certifying the Fire Suppression System, FSS has been distributed worldwide and has been featured on the Jay Leno show in addition to a number of reputable publications.

Despite international certification and developed production methods, the Firestryker remains proudly Italian made.

Firestryker is a manual, portable aerosol inhibitor with remarkable extinguishing capability. It has very low toxicity and is environmentally safe. The device is a small, compact, lightweight cylinder: the upper part of the device is a metal tube containing the extinguishing charge. The lower part of the device is composed of plastic and serves as a support handle.

The use of a potassium powder jet – a unique method among fire extinguishers – involves
the vaporization of the powder in the environment followed by the condensation of its
extinguishing substance. The product works by interrupting a fire’s chain of reaction (the “auto­catalyst” of the fire). The device is composed of stable, solid minerals; it does not contain gas and is not pressurized. The aerosol­like jet is only produced when the charger is stricken with its base. The produced aerosol jet is essentially an inert salt that emits gas already present in the atmosphere.

This process allows Firestryker to extinguish all types of fires through saturation. Its slow bio­degradation in the environment furthers the prevention of subsequent fires. The extinguishing process involves two different reactions: one is physical and the other, chemical. The physical reaction relates to potassium’s tendency to oxidize rapidly in air. When in contact with air, alkaline salts consume great quantities of oxygen, thus depriving fires of oxygen. The chemical reaction is created through the stable link between potassium particles and the fire’s combustion particles. Through the two reactions, a quick oxidation process takes place, immediately transforming the jet from a solid state into a gaseous state which frees the potassium particles. These atoms are able to intercept and interrupt any other free particles produced by the fire’s chain reaction combustion process. Potassium has strong inhibitor qualities, due to its weak ionization energies.

Firestryker’s potential impact on the environment and on users:

  • ODP Ozone Depletion Potential = zero
  • GWP Global Warming Potential = zero
  • ATL Atmospheric Life Time = zero
  • Electric conductibility: none
  • Activation time: Immediate
  • Electrostatic discharge: non
  • Usability temperature: from ­140º F to +320º F
  • Usability humidity: up to 98% U.R
  • Granulometry: from 2 to 4 microns
  • Corrosiveness: none
  • Steam: none
  • Thermal shock: none
  • Residue after use: negligible
  • Not dangerous to human health
  • Does not produce any “organic accumulation”
  • Negligible toxicity
  • Environmentally safe
  • Commercial warranty: 3 years
  • The device is not pressurized
  • The device does not need to be tested
  • The device is not considered hazardous material
  • The device does not need maintenance

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