Federal Xplora A/T

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The Federal Xplora AT, tough and robust for all your needs, it is your ideal all-terrain tire for SUVs and light trucks. It is the perfect combination of both on-/off-road handling, durability, and quiet rides.

  • Improved wet traction
  • The perfect all-terrain tyre, to fit all your needs
  • Comfortable ride

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The all-new Xplora A/T is your ideal all-terrain tyre for SUVs and light trucks. It is the perfect combination of both on/off-road handling, durability and quiet rides.

Cut-resistant compounds
Staggered tyre blocks and multiple blade-shaped sipes
Optimised tread pitch and alignment
Open shoulder grooves with rib tread designs
Deep brawny sidewall & serrated shoulder biters

Better off-road/wet traction, protection and endurance
Enhanced off-road/wet/snow traction
Effective noise reduction
Reduced stone/mud retention
Improved lateral friction and side protection

Prolonged tyre life & driving safety
Improved steering stability and safety
Quiet & comfortable rides at high speed
Improved off-road traction
Extra on/off-road traction and assitance in pushing vehicles onward

Please Note  Tyrewise fee is now charged per tyre

For more information about the Tyrewise fee please see https://www.tyrewise.co.nz/

Available in the following sizes:

  15 Inch Rim
  • 30×9.5R15
  • 31×10.5R15
  16 Inch Rim
  • 225/75R16
  • 245/75R16
  • 265/75R16
  • 285/75R16
  17 Inch Rim
  • 235/65R17
  • 245/65R17
  • 265/65R17
  18 Inch Rim
  • 265/60R18
  20 Inch Rim
  • 265/50R20
  • 305/50R20
  • 275/55R20
  22 Inch Rim
  • 285/45R22

Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 200 × 50 × 50 cm


Federal Tyres

Federal Corporation was founded in 1954, the first manufacturer of production radial tyres in Taiwan. Technical cooperation with Bridgestone Corporation from 1960-1979 and with Sumitomo Rubber Industries (Dunlop Tyres) from 1981-2000, 40 years of collaboration with two famous tyre manufacturers has greatly strengthened Federal’s R&D and technical capabilities.