ARB BASE Rack Roof Rack Wiring Kit Pre Wired

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Traditionally wiring for accessories fitted to roof racks has involved wiring going up windscreens, up out of B pillar door gaps and the like. As part of the ARB BASE Rack development ARB’s engineers have developed a wiring solution to neatly get wiring from inside the vehicle through the vehicle or canopy roof.

Two wiring kits have been developed. One kit is pre-wired with 6 wires (3 circuits) preinstalled to ensure sealed wiring. The second kit has provision for 6 wires allowing differing wiring depending on customer requirements.


Key criteria during development included:

  • Sealed wiring solution for passing wires through a vehicle roof
  • Seamless integration with ARB BASE Rack
  • Exit grommets to fit standard 10mm (3/8”) and 13mm (1/2”) OD conduit sizes
  • High quality automotive wire to JASO standards (PN 1780400 only)
  • Free from liquid adhesives

Fitting of the wiring kits requires 2 x 7mm (0.28”) and 1 x 25mm (1.0”) holes to be drilled in the vehicle or canopy roof. The 25mm hole is suitable for Deutsch DT-02 connectors to pass through. Mount location for popular vehicles has been developed allowing for side curtain airbags and other obstructions where necessary.


The Pre-Wired 3 Circuit Kit 1780400 includes:

  • Rubber outer boot with 300mm sheath
  • Roof grommet with bonded wires. 4.0m is provided for outside vehicle roof and 2.5m provided for within the vehicle
    – Red and Red/Back 2.0mm² (25A)
    – Green and Green/Black 0.5mm² (11A)
    – Yellow and Yellow/Black 0.5mm² (11A)
  • BASE Rack entry grommet
  • BASE Rack exit grommet
  • Direct exit grommet
  • Fasteners
  • Cable ties and edge clips

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