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Sleek modern styling, offering the highest level of usability and vehicle integration.

The Ascent is our feature-packed flagship canopy, offering the highest level of usability and vehicle integration in an ultra-premium design. With a raft of standard features including fully integrated central locking and push-button window switches, the Ascent is the solution for those who live an active lifestyle and want their vehicle to look just as good off-road as it does in the parking lot.

Developing a canopy from a blank canvas meant that ARB was required to validate new designs and put them through a rigorous testing regime. Utilising a combination of software, laboratory and real world testing, the canopy team performed validation simulations using the latest software through Finite Element Analysis (FEA) in CAD along with real life testing of a complete canopy in our specially built thermal chamber with temperatures up to 90°C. Further laboratory testing was undertaken on latches, actuators and relays via special ARB made life cycle rigs.

To certify the design against water entry, canopy engineers utilised several high pressure water washing facilities. The most rigorous of testing was done on the test track in Anglesea, Victoria, where the canopy and vehicle were put through corrugation testing, high speed testing, articulation and the renowned Belgian blocks. A long term assessment vehicle was utilised to perform field testing on new mount rail configurations and the attachment system. Following numerous months of testing it passed with flying colours.


  • Aerodynamic, vacuum formed, ABS shell
  • Central locking using factory remote
  • One touch electronic unlatching of windows
  • Easy shut windows
  • Handle-less side windows
  • Vanishing edge shell design
  • Integrated rear spoiler
  • Pop-up canopy vent


With the Ascent’s electronic latching comes the convenience of remote central locking. Via the vehicle’s key fob, all of the canopy’s latches will lock or unlock simultaneously with the vehicle’s doors. Additionally, working seamlessly with the vehicle’s locking system, if the vehicle is unlocked and the doors have not been opened, the Ascent canopy will auto-lockfor the peace-of-mind of complete autonomous security.

If the vehicle’s keys/remote is lost or the battery goes flat, the Ascent’s manual key override located on the rear door allows access to the tub.

A yellow anti-entrapment dial allows the rear door to be locked or unlocked from within the canopy itself.

Adding to the visual appeal of the Ascent, the design features a double-curved rear door and side windows with frameless, tinted safety glass rated to international standards. 5mm thick with a dark grey tint (28% visual light transmission), the tinted safety glass ensures cargo is protected from UV penetration and adds security against prying eyes.

A clear, lift-up front window provides unobstructed rear vision and the ability to clean the exterior surface of the vehicle cabin and canopy glass.

Additionally, the frameless glass’ ‘invisible’ hinge system means there are no visible holes for hinge hardware or strut brackets to complement the Ascent’s clean styling

The Ascent canopy features popular lift-up windows to allow for easier access to the back of the utility, with the window opening self-supported by gas struts.

To ensure there’s a solution to suit a variety of different needs, an optional Vent Catch is available and allows for a lift-up window to be adjusted between lift-up and pop-out position!

A standard feature of the Ascent canopy – the slimline, high flow canopy vent is ideal for when it comes to reducing dust ingress. With the open vent facing the front of the vehicle, the canopy’s interior is pressurised; preventing dust from entering from the rear door or tailgate.

Additionally, the design allows the vent to be installed even with a roof rack or roof bars fitted!

Replacing the need for handles, the electronic unlatching system provides an easy, one-handed operation to lift or close the glass.

The unique rear-mounted spoiler enhances the Ascent canopy’s aesthetic appeal and incorporates an LED brake light

An internal 36 LED high-output internal light with a three-way switch provides maximum illumination of the interior.

The heavy-duty ABS exterior features a vanishing edge design to create a harmonious integration between the canopy and vehicle’s tub.

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