Mudclub and 4wding Images

Images of fun days out 4wding

Start of the Day - Ahipara
Jeep stuck
80 Land Cruiser at the start of the Crunchie
SCP Nissan on the Crunchie 1
80 Land Cruiser on the Crunchie
Jeep wrangler
Our Nissan on the Crunchie Trail
SCP Nissan on the Crunchie 2
Sand Dunes Ahipara1
Hill Climb in the dunes
Convoy on the dunes at Ahipara
Having a break on the beach
Standard Nissan Terrano
Jeep Axle twisting
End of the Day at Ahipara
Ford Courier at Scotts Farm
Range Rover at Scott's Farm
Surf in the Mud at Woodhill 4wd park
Stuck in a mud hole at Woodhill 4wd Park
YJ Wrangler having fun at Scott's Farm
Down to the beach
Stuck on a hill
Lined up at the start of the day
Sand dune at Pouto
New Hilux Tackling a bog
Motortech Nissan in the same Bog
Water Rising
Motortech Nissan at the Pouto lighthouse
Suzuki after sand Dunes
Hilux in quick sand
Motortech Nissan on a down hill at Scott Farm
Motortech Nissan slightly stuck
Playing in the Mud
Oops Jeeps Stuck
Range Rover At Extreme Park
Surf Winching
Aharoa 4wd weekend 1
Aharoa 4wd weekend 3
Aharoa 4wd weekend 4
Aharoa 4wd weekend 5
Aharoa 4wd weekend 6
Aharoa 4wd weekend 7
Aharoa 4wd weekend 8
Aharoa 4wd weekend 8
Nissan Safari at Scotts Farm
80LC Winching
Always take a passenger
Building a bridge
Scotts Suzuki at Scotts Farm
Making Tracks
Nissan Scotts Farm2